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We are one of the professional China manufacturers work at AlNiCo Magnets. The following items are the relative products of the AlNiCo Magnets, you can quickly find the AlNiCo Magnets through the list.

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  • Block AlNiCo Magnet uni-LNG-001

    Cast AlNiCo Magnets,
    AlNiCo500,working temperature:600c
    Widely be applied to motor,speaker,sensor,meter.
    can be assembled with AL part.

  • Cylinder AlNiCo Uni-LNG-002

    Cast AlNiCo37 wigh stronger magnetic field
    shining suface.
    6mm diameter and 200mm length ,
    Be widely used to education.

  • Sintered AlNiCo magnet uni-SLNG-002

    AINICo permanent magnet is an alloy magnet made from AI, NI, Co Fe and other trace metal elements

  • Sintered AlNiCo Magnet uni-SLNG-003

    We are professional and skillful manufacturer of sintered, bonded and cast AlNiCo magnets. Sintered Alnico is usually restricted to smaller sizes.

  • Cast AlNiCo Magnet Uni-LNG-012

    AlNiCo magnets derive their name from main constituents - aluminum, nickel and cobalt with iron as base.

  • Cast AlNiCo Magnet Uni-LNG-003

    Cast AlNiCo magnets are made by the process of casting,can be various shape.
    D1mm to 250mm,and LN8,lN9,...LNG37..LNGT38..
    Working temperature:600C

  • Cast AlNiCo Magnet uni-LNG-013

    Working temperature:525--550c

  • Cast AlNiCo Magnet Uni-LNG-004

    LN8,LN9 ,D27-6x2.5mm to be applied to vehicle meters.
    autobick's meters etc.
    with stable performance and higher working termperature

  • Cast AlNiCo Magnet Uni-LNG-005

    cast LNG40 with plastic inside to be assemblied with aluminium part to be applied to
    ammeter,vehicle meter etc.

  • Cast AlNiCo Magnet Uni-LNG-015

    horse magnets,block magnets to be injected into aluminium part .
    Application for various ammeter.

  • Cast AlNiCo Magnet Uni-LNG-016

    Irregular magnets to be applied to meter magnets for vehicle,motorbike and so on.

  • Cast AlNiCo Magnet Uni-LNG-006

    Cow magnet is patent product ,LNG37,D10x40mm to be applied to cure cow's stomach,sheep's and so on.
    Different dimensions for differnt animals.

  • Sintered AlNiCo Magnets uni-SLNG-001

    sintered AlNiCo magnets to be maufactured by the process of sintereting through mold.
    Min Diameter can be 2mm .
    various shape and irregular shape

  • Cast AlNiCo Magnet uni-LNG-007

    cow magnet dimension:D12.7x72mm.
    shining surface ,favourable to pass and cure animal's stomach.

  • Cast AlNiCo Magnets uni-LNG-008

    LN8 with Red for N pole and Green for S pole.
    D10x25mm for demonstrating the form of magnetic line.

  • Cast AlNiCo Magnets uni-LNG-009

    U shape magnet for students to know the form of magnetic line.
    Red for N pole and blue for S pole.
    A and S can be marked,stamped etc

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